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"...thank you, Olaf.  I really do appreciate your professionalism, your commitment and human spirit. You understood my problem within minutes of that first call, heard and appreciated my frustration and went the extra mile to help. I recommend you and your company to anybody without hesitation. New York is a lovely and beautiful city but has its own challenges for a new-comer like me. "


        Zainab H. Bangura

        Former Minister of Health and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Sierra Leone;

        Serving as Special Representative to the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict





" Thank you Olaf, thank you for all your help, you were fantastic.  You will receive all references coming from my way.  I wish you and your company all the very best.  Keep building…”


         Cedric the Entertainer

         Actor and Comedian




" I wanted to thank you again for your very efficient and friendly support in finding exactly the kind of accommodation I needed on such short notice.  I’m very happy with the excellent place you found for me which is making my mission in New York much more pleasant as it is just a very short walk from work and in a very nice neighborhood. Your assistance is not only very efficient, it’s also kind and understanding of all the concerns I’ve raised and the numerous questions I asked. You’re truly a result-oriented person, a problem solver, and a people’s person. I will highly recommend your services to UN colleagues and friends when they come to NY and need accommodation, the best, and “urgently”. Many thanks Olaf for being such a great professional! All the best to you, with special regards. ”


          Kim Buldoc

          Special Representative to the Secretary General for Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara

          UN Resident Coordinator

          UNDP Resident Representative






" Looking for an apartment in a city you scarcely know, moving to a new country and disposing only of 5 days at the same time is an exploit for Europeans, for it is often related to much stress. Meeting Olaf of Vize Property Group was an enormous relief.  After a brief phone conversation, he knew exactly what we were looking for and only presented apartments to us that fit our criteria.  He was the only broker who did not waste our time; within a few days thereafter we flew proudly back to Paris with the lease signed and keys to our new home. We insist to say that you are an exceptional broker and we shall definitely spread your name and Vize Property Groups' name to our friends and family. "    



          Sabine Bibas

          Paris, France





" I met Olaf through a word of mouth referral which simply stated "Contact Olaf. He is very helpful to UN staff…”  Olaf was truly pleasant, helpful but most of all reassuring to someone new to the UN and this lovely city of New York. It makes a difference when you are navigating the sometimes overwhelming newness of life in the UN and New York City.  In addition, he is full of facts and immediate in his responses to a wide array of questions about signing leases, moving, renting furniture, connecting utilities, etc etc. I highly recommend Olaf Vize as a very competent broker, a pleasant guide to property hunting and just a nice guy to interact with when life is full of overwhelming challenges. "


          Dr. Joy St John

          Chief Medical Officer of Barbados and Senior Adviser of the World Health Organization (WHO)





" We cannot say enough in praise of Olaf's tireless support: faced by myriad challenges to our move from Kampala, Uganda - from the location and suitability of available accommodation, to registration for banking services to ensure the necessary paper trail was effectively developed, to discussions regarding educational options and the social scene of Roosevelt Island and Manhattan - Olaf really was our light in a dark tunnel.  A highly affable man with a bottomless commitment to supporting his clients, he really is the friend you didn't know you had! "


            Tony Powell and Dr Faith Mwangi-Powell

            Kampala, Uganda




" Relocation is often synonymous with stress, especially when we don't have experience.  Nevertheless, it can be less stressful if we take a few essential decisions.  I relocated to New York for the United Nations Headquarters.  During my first days I tried to find an apartment by myself however it turned out that assistance was impreative from an expert.  In this regard, I had been referred to Vize Property Group.  My Broker, Olaf Vize, provided me with personalized attention, and his expertise facilitated a productive and seamless relocation process.  By dint of his expertise, I found a wonderful apartment in New York City which met my expectations.  Thus, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to him;  I highly appreciated his professionalism and client orientation.  Accordingly, I take this opportunity to recommend Vize Property Group, especially to new UN staff relocating to NY. "


            Abdoul-Wali Abdullah  

            United Nations Headquaters, New York.





" After some stressful experiences dealing with several brokers, I was directed to Vize Property Group. I had a pleasant experience in getting the support from Olaf to find an apartment. He was always flexible, organized, and available to assist us through the process. We are very happy with the selection. I strongly recommend, to UN staff relocating to New York, Vize Property Groups' services. "


            Ilka Esquivel

            Senior Nutrition Advisor






" I relocated to New York from Paris to work for the United Nations. I had less than ten days to find an apartment in a city I barely knew. Needless to say how stressful this task was. Meeting Olaf was pure luck and an enormous relief ! Thanks to him, to his great professionalism, patience and dynamism, I have a great apartment in one of the most beautiful spots of the city. I highly recommend Vize Property Group, especially to new UN staff relocating to NY. "



           Safa Dahab


           United Nations New York