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Originally referred to as “Brooklyn Village”, Brooklyn Heights has been a prominent neighbourhood of Brooklyn since the early to mid eighteen hundreds and encapsulates the history of New York and, to this day, remains a historic district. During the 1800's New York and Brooklyn boomed and many of New York's wealthiest investors settled in Brooklyn Heights.


As the population exploded, Brooklyn became a city in 1833, and throughout much of the 1800s was the third most populous city in America.  In the mid-1940s Robert Moses, a master builder, wanted to construct a new expressway right through the heart of Brooklyn Heights however he was quickly stopped by the outcry of the Brooklyn Heights residents and a solution emerged to build a two-tiered highway above the waterfront.  Shortly thereafter, one of the most favored spots amongst Brooklyn Heights’ residents was the construction of the Promenade which remains a number one attraction amongst residents offering magnificent vistas of the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan skyline across the East River, as well as views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, and spectacular fireworks displays over the East River.  


Today, Brooklyn Heights remains as a middle-to-upper-class neighbourhood with some of the most beautiful homes in the city.  A neighbourhood that has the elegance of the Upper East Side and the beauty of Paris, this is a safe, clean environment adorned with tree-lined streets, cobble-stone side roads and  many serendipitous shops and cafes.  Amongst many of the attractions Brooklyn Heights offers, one most notable attraction to residents is the commute time to and from Manhattan; commute times into the densest parts of Manhattan are faster than all but a few neighborhoods on the island itself.